English Order of Adjectives

Order of Adjectives

In English the order or adjectives in a sentence has the following pattern:

Opinion, Size, Physical quality, Shape, Age, Color, Origin, Material, Type, Purpose

The first letters are OSPSACOMTP

Now let us try to create a sentence with words starting with these letters. They can be any words but when we read the sentence it should make a visual impact that remains in our memory for a longer time.

Mnemonic Sentence:

Visualize the Mnemonic Sentence
Example sentence using multiple adjectives:

She is a beautiful, tall, thin, young, black-haired, Indian woman.

The sentence we make for Mnemonics should be memorable and create a picture in front of our mind's eye. Then alone we can remember it for a long time. It is also important to associate the beginning of each word in the Mnemonic sentence with the original words they stand for.

Oh! Spiderman paints sky and clouds orange mountain tops pink

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