Chemistry Bingo

To play Bingo for any subjects we can select the words, prepare clues as per the definitions or related info, or whatever the learners have to know for examination purposes. Then we can ask the learners to prepare the Bingo columns using their notebooks or sheets of paper. Or we can print out the Bingo boards and distribute.

Chemistry Bingo

Acids, Bases, Salts

Here is a Bingo created for the Acids, Bases & Salts lesson in Class X Chemistry Syllabus.

Click on the link below to view the bingo and print it or copy it. At the end of the document the clues to be called out are included for the Bingo caller.

Print or Download Bingo

Words Selected For the Bingo

Clues to Call out

  1. Turns blue litmus red
  2. Turns red litmus blue
  3. The reaction between acid and base to give salt and water
  4. The process of dissolving an acid or a base to give salt and water
  5. A shower with pH less than 5.6
  6. Measuring hydrogen ion concentration in a solution
  7. A medicine used for treating indigestion
  8. A base that dissolves in water
  9. Something that has low pH
  10. Mixing an acid or base with water and resulting in decrease of ions
  11. We use this to find out whether a substance is acidic or basic
  12. The presence of this will tell us that the substance is acidic
  13. The presence of this will tell us that the substance is basic
  14. Hydrochloric acid
  15. A process where the products formed are chlorine and sodium hydroxide
  16. Aqueous solution of sodium chloride
  17. The chemical name for washing soda
  18. Baking soda
  19. Bleaching powder
  20. This salt is mined like coal
  21. An acid found in tamarind
  22. Common salt
  23. The substance which on treatment with chlorine yields bleaching powder
  24. The acid found in orange and lemon
  25. We get this on heating gypsum

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